Bir-Mac Birmans is a small cattery established in 1993 and located in Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan.

I first became intrigued by pointed cats when one of my third grade students brought his seal point Siamese cat to school for "Show and Tell". I thought that the Siamese had beautiful coloring and immediately began to think that maybe we should add a kitten to our family. I picked up a copy of Cat Fancy and featured  that month were the mitted breeds, the Snowshoe, the Ragdoll, and the Birman. After reading it over and looking at the pictures, I knew that the Birman was the cat for us.

It wasn't long before we acquired our foundation Queen, Bir-Jan Persnickey Cassandra, who gave birth to our first litter of Birman kittens in 1994. In 2001 we began our tabby program when we imported  Cicero Dos Gatos Encantados, a beautiful blue tabby boy, from Belgium. We have also imported breeding cats from Australia, England and the Netherlands. These imported cats advanced our breeding program by providing exquisite outcross lines and, as a result, our cattery continues to produce beautiful, healthy kittens.
We produce seal, blue, lilac, and also tabbies in those colors. We hope to produce chocolate in the near future.

My husband (Tom) and I have loved showing and raising Birmans since that very first litter. We show exclusively in CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association) and have enjoyed our share of success producing Grand Champions, Grand Premiers, Regional Winners and DMs (Distinguished Merit).

On the following pages you will see some of our cats. Many have retired and been placed in loving homes. If you are interested in a retired adult and/or kitten(s), please contact us to inquire about availability. I hope that you will enjoy our web site and visit often.

In closing, we would like to give a big thank you to Julie Collin of Pleasantview Birmans for trusting us and enriching our breeding program with cats from her prize winning lines.


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