CH Bir-Jan Persnickety Cassandra
Breeder:  Richard & Janice Mayo
Owners: Karen & Tom McIlrath

Cassie was our first Birman queen. She is the sweetest girl and was a  wonderful mother as well. She introduced us to the world of Birmans - showing and breeding them. She is now 15 years old and will always have a home with us. She is in good health and still loves to play.



CH Templkatz Sigmund Floyd
Blue Point Male
Our first boy.
Sire of some of our current cats

CH Bravi's Thunder
Seal Point Male
Our second boy.
Bud had wonderful type and sired
many beautiful cats



 GC Pleasantview Ulexus of Bir-Mac
Lexie was a very special cat and a very important cat in our breeding program.  She is now happily retired with one of her kittens.

 GC Bir-Mac Whitney DM
Sire: CH Templkatz Sigmund Floyd
Dam: GC Pleasantview Ulexus



 GC, RW Bir-Mac Xammy Blue Eyes
Blue Point Male
Our first home-grown boy.
Wonderful type and sired many beautiful cats



 Cicero Dos Gatos Encantados
Blue Tabby Point - Belgian Import
Father of our Tabby Point Program

 CH Shwechinthe Higgledpiggle
Lilac Lynx Point Male 
English import 
Higgle is a lilac lynx boy with a charming personality. He has passed on his beautiful blue eye color to his offspring which helped improve the eye color in our kitties.



GC, GP, RW Bir-Mac Xia Maria of Khetmeo
Breeder: Karen & Tom McIlrath
Owner: Gregory Beach
Xia was an outstanding girl  She was Best Kitten at the Medina show in August of 2000.She then went to another cattery for a while and later that same year returned to us where she had  some gorgeous babies. After a C-section she had to be spayed. I then had an inquiry from Greg Beach, Khetmeo Cattery, looking for a cat to show in Premiership. Xia was the perfect cat!  Greg showed her that season and she was CFA's Best Birman in Premiership - 2004-2005. Thanks, Greg for showing her so well!! 




GP, RW Tuck Everlasting
Tucker was our first home grown Grand. He was and still is a Ham. When we were showing him, he would flop on the judges' stand and roll over. He would grab at balloons and would captivate the crowd with his crazy antics. He is 11 years old now, still looks gorgeous, and still loves to show, almost as much as he loves Kitty Kaviar. I adore him, and he will always have a special place in my heart.





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